Terms & Conditions

General Information

“Attendees” are anyone who has attended a BOSs’S Business Network.

“Members” are those who have a listing on the BOSs’S Business Networking website.

“Attendees” and “Members” are also called “BOSs’S Business Builders”.

There is no membership cost to join and be a part of the BOSs’S Business Network,

Attendee/member are expected to respect others, behave professionally. The use of obscene language, abusive behaviour or unprofessional behaviour at our events as it is not conducive to a business environment.

In the case of a problem relating to an attendee’s/member’s business practices or complaints from other attendees/members, we may, at our sole discretion take appropriate action, which can include asking the attendee/member to leave, not to attend again, with the forfeiture of any fees.

Having access to other attendees/members contact details is for the purpose of referrals and general communication and not for other means, such as spamming or copying members contact information for their own purposes. Should the BOS’S Business Network learn that any attendee/member has misused contact details, the attendee/member will be immediately removed from the Network without refund if applicable.

The BOSs’S Business Network does not endorse the capabilities or professional expertise of any of its attendees/members, nor does it take any responsibility for disputes between attendees/members and does not accept any liability to any party for any dispute an attendee/member may have with another attendee/member.

If an attendee/member has a dispute with an attendee/member or with anything pertaining to the BOSs’S Business Network, the attendee/member must put it in writing in order for the BOSs’S Business Network team to assist with a solution, with or without reference to their name.

The BOSs’S Business Network team are the only person entitled to represent the BOSs’S Business Network in any relationships with the public via media and so forth unless requested otherwise.

Each attendee/member agrees not to take any action or make any claim against the group of the BOSs’S Business Network.

You also provide permission for the BOSs’S Business Network to publish any photographs and video’s taken of you at the BOSs’S Business Network events, along with your name and likeness, and also for use in the BOSs’S Business Network marketing materials, website and social media platforms. Unless the BOSs’S Business Network receives a request by writing from the attendee/member disallowing to share their information, their business, their name, photo or video. We will then decide if the photo will be taken down.

Events Information

Space is limited and registration will be handled on a first come first serve basis through Meetup and Facebook.

When the attendee/member decides to attend an event, it is appreciated but not mandatory, that they RSVP on our Meetup page.

Payment is made at the door. We accept credit card, but prefer cash. When using credit card, you may have to pay tax on the payment. Gratuities are not included. Attendees will receive a receipt at the time of their payment or before they leave.

It is attendee/member responsibility to check the time and location before arriving at the event, as we reserve the right to change the date and/or venue of the event at our sole discretion. We will do our best to provide the registered attendee/member with the notice of these changes on our Meetup group page, as soon as possible, if time allows.

If a person has registered and is not able to attend, we ask them to edit their RSVP in order to free their seat or contact Jacqueline Bos at 905-683-8224 by texting her to let her know of the change.

With the events that have limited seating, there may others on the waitlist, you may be turned away if you have not RSVP’d for the event and there is no seat available to you, otherwise you are welcome to join us.

Registration may be transferred to another person of their organization/business. It is appreciated if that person sends a message to the organizers with the other persons name.

As part of our relationships with our venue hosts anyone who attends a BOSs’S Business Network event must purchase a minimum of 1 beverage per attendee, preferably a meal, when there is no cost to attend the event. This supports our venues hosts’ businesses and encourages them to invite us back another time.

Attendees/members are encouraged to bring visitors/guests to the BOSs’S Business Network as this assists all members and also aids the visitors/guests. It would be appreciated if the attendee/member either has their guest RSVP on our Meetup group page or contact Jacqueline Bos 905-683-8224.

Attendees/members must only refer to one business per meeting, for example: If a member has two businesses, they may attend at one event representing the first business and at another event may represent second business.

Once a person has attended, they should create a Meetup account in order to register. All of the BOSs’S Business Network events are posted on Meetup. It may at times appear also on other social media platforms.

We accept no responsibility for loss/damaged/or things left behind by attendees/members.

Website Information

To be listed on the BOSs’S Business Network website, an attendee/member must have had attended one network event as of May 1st, 2019.

All listings must be approved by the BOSs’S Business Network team before it is listed on the website. The BOSs’S Business Network website listings are for a 12-month period, from the date of payment. The member is solely responsible for creating their own listing and entering their own information, making sure that the information is correct and up-to-date.

Attendees/memberships are reviewed annually and may be renewed at the discretion of the BOSs’S Business Network team.

After a members 12-month listing has expired in order to renew their subscription the member must have attended a BOSs’S Business event in the last 2 months before the 12-month period has expired or the member may start the next 12-month period by attending one event.

An attendees/member’s subscription to the website belongs only to the person who purchased it. However, should that person leave the company it may, at the discretion of BOSs’S Business Network team, be transferred within the company for the remaining of the subscription.

Attendees and member including previous attendees may not use the BOSs’S Business Network brand name or logo to manufacture, distribute, sell, market, or promote any product or service without obtaining prior written consent from the BOSs’S Business Network team

The BOSs’S Business Network terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. The management team will however aim to notify all changes to their members as soon as practicable.

If you have any queries or concerns about the BOSs’S Business Network group, our website or privacy policy, please contact us by clicking on the “”Contact Us tab on the BOSs’S Business Network website.