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For over 20 years Beverly Browne wrote news and feature stories for publications and small business owners. During her time as Specials Sections Editor for Oshawa This Week she developed a particular interest in real estate. Through research, Bev became intrigued to discover that people could buy Canadian properties from local governments at prices well below market value Since there was not an abundance of information readily available, in 2012 she published a book on this alternative system of acquiring real estate. Bev began by specializing in vacant land in rural areas. She also teaches interested parties to duplicate what she does; and she has helped others own land at affordable prices through land contracts. Land contracts allow people to pay for the land over a one to three-year term, while using the land as their own. Under the Boss's Business Network group, Beverly is faciliator of a new group in Pickering. Each One Teach Others is a monthly network meeting that invites business owners to share some little-known but valuable facts with guests. The first is on Oct. 17, and highlights how people can acquire real estate from local governments for low prices. Future sessions will let you hear answers to questions like….. - How can I buy land with limited funds? - What is Blockchain and what’s its benefit to me? - Does life insurance EVER GIVE a good return for the money? - Can I buy land for under $20,000? - I’m priced out of the real estate market; are there other ways I can afford real estate? We meet at Open Studio Art Café (waterfront meeting place) 17 Liverpool Road, Nautical Village, Pickering Third Thursday of the month 10:30 a.m. to noon.
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